FRP Shelter Division


Our unique design FRP Shelter for the use of defence, para military forces as their accommodation and site post, residence, rest houses at higher altitude areas, etc. It is made up of fibre reinforced plastic and other chemicals with insulation of PU Foam which gives the climate and weather comfort whether the outside temperature goes upto minus 50 Degree C but it maintains its internal temperature 20 degree C, each panel have lip except floor panel and provided with sleeves for through bolts and easy erection.

Unique Design and technique makes it capable and withstand against.

  1. Wind speed: 150km/hr
  2. Snow Load: 2 meters standing snow
  3. External Temperature: Minus 50 Degree C
  4. Internal Temperature: 20 degree C
  5. Uniformly distributed load on floor: 200 km/m2


  1. Rust, termite, vermin and water proof.
  2. Can you used in earthquake prone areas.
  3. Suitable for sesmiczone V with standing snow load of 2 meters.
  4. Easy to erection because of its unique panel tracking.
  5. Skilled or Semi Skilled workier can erect the shelter with the help of panel tracking system and its erection manual.
  6. Easy to transport because of light weight.
  7. Fir Retargand